At Work

Child Spirit

Beginning with an identifiable shape from games I played as a child, I start with sketching, or a 3D model. From there I draw out their characteristics, their essence, through enlarging, adding, stretching, and subtracting, until I reconnect with their aliveness, the lightness of my childhood.

Child Spirit Collection

In Motion

In these designs I have translated the flowing, fluidity of physical motion into different shapes based on the serendipity found in the techniques of forming, casting in water and electroforming.

In Motion Collection

"I have worked with Valentina for many years. I first started collecting her jewelry and then I worked to sell her jewelry at high-end craft shows. I found that once you tried on her earrings or necklace you had to buy it! She is extremely talented."

Karen Harris

I've loved Valentina Vale's 21st-Century oh-so-modern earrings and necklaces for years, and am very happy she's back! My pieces by her are in constant rotation, and I regularly get compliments on them.

Jessica Salinas

"Valentina’s craftsmanship is consistently outstanding and the earrings, necklaces, and pins are elegant and classical. At the same time, when I wear one of her pieces admirers say “How original! I have not seen anything quite like that before.”

Helen Roberts